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Kossel Medtech debuts at MD&M 2018

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During February 6-8, 2018, Kossel Medtech (suzhou) co., LTD. participated in the American Medical Device exhibition (MD&M West 2018) held at the Anaheim exhibition center in Los Angeles, USA. This is the first time for Kossel Medtech to attend the MD&M and Kossel brought with PTCA balloon catheter, PTA balloon  catheter , coronary stent system and Inflation Device,etc.

As one of the most important exhibitions in the field of medical devices and equipment of  the world, MD&M West has been held in the United States since  1985. It brings together exhibitors from all over the world.The exhibits  profile   covers medical device design and manufacturing, automation technology, and       other related industries,including disposable      medical  consumables, electronic medical  equipment, ophthalmic equipment,  dental equipment,etc.

At the exhibition, Kossel's products won the customer's attention and praise,and  also attracted many businessmen at home and abroad to stop watching and consulting to discuss. At the same time,  Kossel take  this    opportunity    to     expand the brand's  influence ,  also to further understand the characteristics of peer advanced enterprises in order to provide better products.

This is not only a feast for the industry, but also  a journey of harvest.We    will continue to develop excellent products, create values and make contributions for  community by focusing on clients.



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